Friday, June 26, 2009

Yummy Mummy recommends MyWishWand

MyWishWand is ideal for busy parents who need to find suitable gifts for children. Cass Payne felt she had to set up the website when her children started going to their friends birthday parties and she realised how hard it was to find a present that she knew would be loved (and hadn’t already been bought by other parents!).

To find the perfect gift and buy it online. For the site to do better than existing online gift "wishlisting" services, it has to be easy to use to be easier to use, have a broad range of products, and be able to find the perfect gift for busy parents.

Use the gift ideas lists and the gift finder tools to get your imagination going.

Cass points out that 50 years ago the "Wedding List" was frowned upon, but today we wouldn’t be without it. MyWishWand is all about helping busy parents – making it easy to find a gift and buy it with a couple of clicks. It is a better option than dashing around the shops the morning before the party with no idea what to buy (and the nagging doubt that whatever you do buy will have been bought by at least four other parents). The site also encourages children to add wishes for ‘intangible’ gifts (like a hug from Grandma) to their lists.

"It's so nice to see a community of WishWanders growing," says Cass, "It love feeling that I'm helping people out and making gift-giving a real pleasure. I've also just started offering a free personal shopper service, so if members are stuck for finding the perfect gift, they can email me and I'll find it for them."

If you are looking for Peppa Pig to Tipees, Transformers to PopCorn Makers, Arts & Crafts to Outdoor play MyWishWand has it all.

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