Friday, October 31, 2008

Virtual Shopping Mall

My Wish Wand now features a virtual shopping mall where online retailers best suited to providing presents for all the family now feature.

These are helpfully categorised for the important people in your life e.g. Little Darlings shows retailers catering for children, Yummy Mummies for gifts for mums, etc.

The site is being continually developed so expect more features in the run up to Christmas.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas presents and getting the right gifts

The best way to get gift ideas for your children, friends and family is to use the mywishwand "Gift Ideas" tool. Enter the age, gender and personality traits of the person you need ideas for presents for, then submit. Mywishwand checks a database of retailers to get the closest match of gifts.

Your children and other family members can register for free and create an online wishlist so that getting a christmas present or birthday gift for your nephew or granny becomes so much easier. You can grant a wish from someone's wishlist, which will remove that item and leave the rest of the desired presents for someone else to buy.

This idea found popularity in online wedding present lists and has now been extended by online retailers to include birthday presents, christmas gifts, gifts for anniversaries and special occasions.

What Mywishwand adds to this is being able to generate gift ideas for those friends and family members who always pose a gift selection challenge. If you still don't know what present to buy, just check their wishlist!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Mywishwand takes the stress out of finding the best gifts for occasions. The organisation also promotes recycling of old toys by donating to hospitals, doctors surgeries and green recycling organisations.

Mywishwand also donates a percentage of any profits to charity and is keen to promote gift-sharing and recycling with schools.

The philosophy helps ensure the gifts or presents you buy are going to be loved and will save time from visiting many shops. It will stops you buying the same present for someone and helps stop the 8 million toys that get dumped annually.

Children enjoy creating their own wishlists and as a parent this could be used as a reward system where your child could choose a gift to be awarded if they do well.