Friday, November 7, 2008

Present Gifts

What is the best way to get a present for someone you know?

Say it's your daughter, who is an early teen. Do you have a clue?

Is it better to ask what they would like or what they feel they need in their life than to guess and risk wasting time, money and personal stress in buying an unwanted gift?

One solution is to let your children create their own "wishlist" where they can choose what they would like. Then they can let members of their friends and family see the list.

You can then "grant the wishes" on the list, thus avoiding duplicate presents for children and ensuring it was a wanted gift.

The commercial side of this is how the list is picked. The child or adult can search a selection of recommended retailers for the gifts they like in the virtual shopping mall.

You can also have gift ideas suggested using the gift suggestion tool - this is based on supplying information such as gender, age and personality traits for the person for whom you wish to buy a present.

Try it out at MyWishWand...

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